Курс "Hadoop Administration Certification Training"

Hadoop Administration Certification Training

This training will guide you to gain expertise in maintaining complex Hadoop Clusters.  You will learn exclusive Hadoop Admin activities like Planning of the Cluster, Installation, Cluster Configuration, Cluster Monitoring and Tuning. 

Hadoop Administration Certification Training
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Hadoop Administration Certification Training provides you with proficiency in all the steps required to operate and sustain a Hadoop Cluster which includes Planning, Installation, and Configuration through load balancing, Security, and Tuning. Edureka’s training will provide hands-on preparation for the real-world challenges faced by Hadoop Administrators. The course curriculum follows Apache Hadoop distribution. 

Hadoop Administration Certification Training will help you harness and sharpen all the Big Data skills required for you to become an industry level practitioner by providing you guidance from an industry level expert. Through exhaustive hands-on experience and industry level projects you will gain the following skills:

  • Hadoop Architecture, HDFS, Hadoop Cluster and Hadoop Administrator's role
  • Plan and Deploy a Hadoop Cluster
  • Load Data and Run Applications
  • Configuration and Performance Tuning
  • How to Manage, Maintain, Monitor and Troubleshoot a Hadoop Cluster
  • Cluster Security, Backup, and Recovery
  • Insights on Hadoop 2.x, Name Node High Availability, HDFS Federation, YARN, MapReduce v2
  • Pig, HBase, Oozie, Hcatalog/Hive, and HBase Administration and Hands-On Project

The market for Big Data analytics is constantly growing across the world and this strong growth pattern translates into a great opportunity for all the IT 

Программа курса:

  • Understanding Big Data and Hadoop
  • Hadoop Cluster and its Architecture
  • Hadoop Cluster Setup and Working
  • Hadoop Cluster Administration and Maintenance
  • Computational Frameworks, Managing Resources and Scheduling
  • Hadoop 2.x Cluster: Planning and Management
  • Hadoop Security and Cluster Monitoring
  • Cloudera Hadoop 2.x and its Features
  • Pig, Hive Installation and Working (Self-paced)
  • HBase, Zookeeper Installation and Working (Self-paced)
  • Understanding Oozie (Self-paced)
  • Data Ingestion using Sqoop and Flume (Self-paced)