Курс "ITIL Capability Expert Program"

ITIL Capability Expert Program

This Masters course focuses on the practical application of OSA, PPO, RCV and SOA, the four modules that support IT operations, application management and financial management.

ITIL Capability Expert Program
63 часа63 часа


Simplilearn’s ITIL Capability Expert program is designed to give you all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become an IT services expert. The path to becoming a certified ITIL Service Capability Expert consists of four process oriented intermediate certifications: OSA, PPO, RCV & SOA. The courses focus on the practical application of these four modules that support IT operations, application management and financial management. This prescriptive program covers a detailed overview of the inputs, metrics, concepts, activities and outputs of each process. The learning path focuses on the day-to-day execution of ITIL practices and how these practices interact throughout specific phases of the service lifecycle. Completion of this program provides you with a deep understanding of ITIL processes and functions.
The 63+ hours of high quality e-learning content, simulation exams and 22 credit points earned of the course of the program prepare you to become an ITIL expert.

Certified professionals in the IT field are in constant demand worldwide and typically earn 40% more than their non-certified peers. Professionals taking ITIL training are encouraged to come up with new ideas and approaches to improve customer satisfaction and learn to contribute effectively to service delivery in the organization. This certification gives you the critical skillsets you’ll need in the ever-evolving world of IT.

The  ITIL Capability Expert Program is particularly suitable for: 

  • Business Process Owners
  • Business Managers
  • Operational Staff in Service Portfolio Management

Professionals in Service Catalogue Management, Service Level Management, Demand Management, Supplier Management,Financial Management and Business Relationship Management teams can also benefit from this course.

Программа курса:

Course 1 ITIL® Intermediate OSA 

Course 2 ITIL® Intermediate PPO 

Course 3 ITIL® Intermediate RCV 

Course 4 ITIL® Intermediate SOA 

Course 5 ITIL® Managing across the Lifecycle (MALC)