Изучение русского языка как иностранного с нуля

Данный курс предназначен для людей, изучающих русский язык как иностранный.

Изучение русского языка как иностранного с нуля
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Have you decided to learn Russian but don't know how to begin? Don't worry anymore! You're in the right place.

Lingust is a Russian linguistic portal specialized in step-by-step online lessons. It'll help you to start learning Russian from scratch, so you don't need any previous knowledge on the subject. Lessons are free. They are just waiting for you.

Here are 15 online lessons which contain information from the book "Just Listen 'n Learn Russian" by Halya Coynash, the purpose of which is to give you basic communication skills to express yourself and be understood in Russia. The course includes a lot of audio made in Russia with native Russian speakers. They will guide you through real conversations, you just need to listen and learn Russian by listening and repeating exercises and writing exercises. 

Программа курса:

Lesson 1. Talking about yourself

Lesson 2. Talking about yourself and others

Lesson 3. Asking for and receiving information

Lesson 4. Ordering drinks and snacks

Lesson 5. Getting what you want in shops

Lesson 6. Shopping in Russia

Lesson 7. Understanding and asking about time

Lesson 8. Asking for and understanding directions

Lesson 9. Making travel arrangements

Lesson 10. Ordering a meal / Pronouns

Lesson 11. Expressing likes and dislikes / The past tense

Lesson 12. Talking about your town and the weather

Lesson 13. Giving more information about yourself / The handwritten script

Lesson 14. Stating your intentions / The future tense

Lesson 15. Discussing what you have done