Курс "JavaScript and JQuery Essentials Training and Certificat"

JavaScript and JQuery Essentials Training and Certificat

Become an expert in Responsive Web Development' by mastering the advanced concepts of javascript and JQuery. 

JavaScript and JQuery Essentials Training and Certificat
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This course is designed to introduce you to the concepts of JavaScript and explain the fundamentals for front-end development. The course will provide an overview of the syntax and various aspects of programming using JavaScript and its Library, JQuery.

As a beginner, you will be learning the importance of objects and error handling methods, which will boost your programming skills. The course is fed with examples, which makes the learning more interesting.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Design functional website on the clients-side
  • Create, update and delete HTML elements
  • Use Objects to access and change Browser properties
  • Validate HTML Forms
  • Optimize code using JavaScript Library: JQuery

Программа курса:

  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Functions and Internal Memory Management
  3. Objects and Event Handling
  4. Libraries and Frameworks
  5. JQuery – Functions & DOM