Курс "Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training"

Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training

Become an expert in Neo4j by Modeling Data into graphs, mastering the Cypher query language and building applications powered by Neo4j. This course is endorsed by Neo4j. Online self paced classes.

Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training
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Learn Databases Live Online from top industry professionals

  • Live online training. Interactions with an Live Expert, get your doubts cleared in Real Time.
  • Classroom Experience. Access to World Class Instructors, from anywhere
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  • Get Assured Certification. Live course assures 6 times more probability of getting certified

Программа курса:

  1. Introduction to Graph Databases and Neo4j
  2. Neo4j Basics
  3. Introduction to Cypher
  4. Advanced Cypher
  5. Neo4j in production
  6. Project