Migrating Applications to AWS Training

Online Workshop on Migrating application to AWS will help you gain expertise and experience in managing cloud migration without any downtimes. 

Migrating Applications to AWS Training
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This Workshop focuses several real life business use case where you will be exposed to experiment the migration of Web Applications, Batch Processes, and Backend Processing Pipeline to the AWS Cloud. You will understand the functional capabilities of these on AWS after migration. This Workshop is intended to provide an insight into how to migrate to AWS in the real world. The session will be conducted by the industry practitioners, who will train you to leverage AWS Services to make the AWS Infrastructure scalable, reliable, and highly available. 

After completing this AWS Migration Certification Training, you will be able to:

  • Learn about AWS Migration and its services
  • Understand AWS Security Model and Security Service
  • Implement Iac with CloudFormation
  • Create a business case for AWS Cloud Migration
  • Understand AWS Cloud Adoption Framework(CAF)
  • Understand type of the work load which are migrated to AWS using AWS migration services
  • Using AWS Application Discovery service to discover your on-premise applications
  • Identify, prioritize and schedule your application migration
  • Understand DB Migration Challenges
  • Perform lab for heterogeneous DB migration as per lab guide
  • Learn about Docker and how it can be used for migrating on premises monolithic applications to AWS
  • Learn how docker can be used to package a monolithic application inside docker container
  • Know how ECS works with docker and orchestrate a docker container-based system which is highly scalable, Cost optimized, resilience, high performing and secure

Following are the skills that you will be learning with our AWS Migration Training:

  • Use of AWS migration services
  • On-premise VM and database migration to AWS
  • Use of migration tools for migrating on-premise data to AWS
  • Use of Schema Conversion Tool for heterogeneous database migration
  • Use of S3 Transfer Acceleration to speed up the data transfer
  • Breaking monolithic application to microservices and then migrating it to AWS using Docker

Программа курса:

  • Introduction to AWS Services
  • AWS Migration Strategy
  • Application Migration To AWS
  • Database Migration To AWS
  • Data Migration To AWS
  • Migrating monolithic application to AWS with Docker