Курс "MongoDB Certification Training"

MongoDB Certification Training

MongoDB is a distributed Database at its core, so high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution are built in and easy to use.  

MongoDB Certification Training
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This MongoDB® Training Certification course will help you master one of the most popular NoSQL databases. This course is designed to equip you with skills of a Mongo DB experienced professional. You will gain knowledge in mastering data modelling, ingestion, query and Sharding, and much more, to become job ready. The course covers a range of NoSQL and MongoDB® topics which will help you gain various development, administering, and engineering skills. 

Course Objectives

  • Gain insight into the 'Roles' played by MongoDB® experts
  • Learn how to design Schema using Advanced Queries
  • Troubleshoot Performance issues
  • Understand MongoDB® Aggregation framework
  • Learn MongoDB® Backup and Recovery options and strategies
  • Understand scalability and availability in MongoDB® using Sharding
  • Set up a replicated cluster, Managing ReplicaSets, etc.
  • Learn Shards, Keys, Config Server, Query Router, etc.
  • Learn about various MongoDB® tools to develop and deploy your applications
  • Learn MongoDB® administration activities - Health Check, Backup, Recovery, Performance tuning, etc.
  • Understand Hadoop and MongoDB Integration
  • Perform Data Migration in MongoDB with Hadoop (MongoDB to Hive)
  • Learn to integrate MongoDB with tools like Jaspersoft and Pentaho
  • Integrate MongoDB with GUI Tool Robomongo
  • Manage MongoDB deployments using MongoDB Cloud products

MongoDB training helps you gain expertise in a leading document-oriented NoSQL database, designed for speed, scalability, and Developer agility. You'll master MongoDB Architecture, CRUD, Schema Design and Data Modelling, indexing using real-life case studies. You will also learn how MongoDB cloud products can be used to setup, manage, and monitor your MongoDB deployments. 

Программа курса:

  1. Introduction to MongoDB - Architecture and Installation
  2. Schema Design and Data Modelling
  3. CRUD Operations
  4. Indexing and Aggregation Framework
  5. MongoDB Administration
  6. Scalability and Availability
  7. MongoDB Security
  8. Application Engineering and MongoDB Tools
  9. MongoDB on the Cloud
  10. Diagnostics and Fixes