Software Testing Fundamentals Course

You will be learning different levels of testing, test environment setup, test case design technique, test data creation, test execution, bug reporting, CI/CD pipeline in DevOps, and other essential concepts of software testing. 

Software Testing Fundamentals Course
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Software is a part of our daily lives and most essential services nowadays are dependent on it. Hence, we need our software systems to be robust and without defects. Testing all combinations of a software system’s functionality manually will consume many months if not years. Therefore, automated software testing has been widely adopted across the globe. 

This course covers the following topics:

  • Why testing?
  • Manual testing course (analysis, design, execution)
  • Overview of all testing tools required
  • Stages of testing (unit, integration, system, non-functional)
  • Blackbox/whitebox testing
  • Test set-up
  • Test data creation
  • Test case management
  • Bug reporting (Jira)
  • Testing & DevOps

Программа курса:

  1. Introduction to Software Testing
  2. Test Design Techniques and Test Execution
  3. Introduction to Performance Testing and CI/CD in DevOps
  4. Bug Reporting and Test Environment Set-Up