Spring Framework Certification Training

Spring Framework Certification Training course is designed to make you an expert in using Spring Framework and learn all that is required to create real world web applications with Spring. 

Spring Framework Certification Training
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Edureka's Spring Framework Certification Training covers all the concepts that made Spring probably the most popular Java application framework. Starting from Dependency Injection to how to create first spring application, integrating maven. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), integrating Hibernate with Spring .Building application using Spring MVC. Using Apache tiles and JSF for making user view. Making your spring application secure. Using Log4j as logger and writing test cases with JUnit. At the end of the course, we will also create a web application using Spring Framework. 

After the completion of the 'Spring Framework' Course at Edureka, you should be able to understand:

  • Spring Framework Architecture
  • Spring's Dependency Injection and Autowiring feature
  • Build application using Maven
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and AspectJ
  • Data access mechanisms provided by Spring
  • Integrating Hibernate with Spring
  • Spring MVC
  • Create a web application using Spring MVC
  • Integrating Apache tiles with Spring
  • Integrating Struts2 and JSF with Spring
  • Spring Web Flow
  • Keeping your application secure
  • Using log4j for logging
  • Writing test cases with JUnit
  • Spring Integration Framework

Spring is the most popular open source Java application Framework. Most of the existing frameworks like Struts or Hibernate take care of one layer or a part of the application development.

As Struts take care of MVC model, Hibernate provides ease of working with databases. However, Spring Framework combines all the industry standard framework approaches (e.g. Struts and Hibernate) into one bundle.

Spring provides Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming and support for unit testing. This gives the developer time to work on main business logic rather than worrying about non-application code. Spring makes the application development fast and increases the productivity of developers.

Программа курса:

  • Introduction to Spring
  • Spring Configurations
  • Aspect Oriented Programming and DAO
  • Data Access
  • Spring Web
  • Integrating Struts 2, JSF with Spring, Spring Web Flow
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Integration