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Онлайн школа "Edureka"

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Edureka is an online training provider with the one of the most effective learning system in the world. We help professionals learn trending technologies for career growth.

Edureka is one of the largest interactive online courses and training platforms. It has emerged as a top destination for professionals who are looking to up-skill themselves in various subjects in the most interactive and efficient way possible. These courses are taught by experts from the industry, in a live, interactive environment.

Edureka provides courses that span various industries and technologies, including programming, marketing, finance, data science, project management etc., with new courses being added everyday.

Mission of Edureka is to create an alternate platform for students who wish to continue and complete courses by attending live online courses, using a team of ridiculously committed educators who will stop at nothing to impart education, helped by a 24 x 7 support system. By deploying our world class team of industry experts, we aim to educate our learners with the skills they need to advance their professional life to the next level.

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Write MapReduce code using design patterns, learn pattern shuffling, applicability, analogies to Pig SLQ, Performance Analysis, etc. Online self paced classes.
$ 99
Кэшбэк до 5%
Become a Decision Tree Modeling expert using R platform by mastering concepts like Data design, Regression Tree, Pruning and various algorithms like CHAID, CART, ID3, GINI and Random forest.
$ 99
Кэшбэк до 5%
jQuery UI Development
7 уроков7 уроков
Become an expert in jQuery UI by mastering concepts like jQuery Traversing, jQuery Events and effects, AJAX using jQuery, UI Widgets and jQuery Mobile. Online self paced classes.
$ 189
Кэшбэк до 5%
Master concepts such as Magento Architecture, MVC, Data models, Rendering systems, Admin Html and REST Webservices to become a Magento expert. Online self paced classes.
$ 189
Кэшбэк до 5%
Become an expert in publishing web content using a free and open source content management system -- Joomla while working on industry based use-cases and projects. Online self paced classes.
$ 189
Кэшбэк до 5%
Become an expert in Neo4j by Modeling Data into graphs, mastering the Cypher query language and building applications powered by Neo4j. This course is endorsed by Neo4j. Online self paced classes.
$ 199
Кэшбэк до 5%

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